Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rethinking languages...

Well my lovelies...

I've started the TAC, and I'm really enjoying it. It's an amazing idea, and a great challenge. It's so far been really forcing me to stick to my languages and stick to learning.

Throughout my study of World History in school, I've really found a renewed fascination in ancient cultures. This new fascination is really bringing me towards learning dead languages, to read their literature. It's mostly European languages, but what can I say? I loves me some Europe.

So I'm learning Hebrew, Finnish, and Portuguese for the TAC this year. That's a given, no matter what. This year though, I'm thinking about adding some other languages to my study, however not to my TAC. I'll be tracking their progress, but at all times my TAC languages will be my main focuses. I want to list the languages that I'm intersted in learning at this time and why:
The Right Nows:

The "Someday"s:

Dead Languages:
Old Norse
Ancient Greek
Biblical Hebrew

The right nows are languages that I'd like to try at some point in the following year. Georgian, Estonian, Icelandic, and French are out because Estonian and French would very much "get in the way" of my TAC languages, Icelandic I just don't really want to do right now. :P Georgian is just too difficult to learn randomly for fun, I'm going to need some serious study and some serious motivation to learn it, maybe for the TAC '11.

Now then, Hawaiian is a language that I've been crushing on for quite some time, I'm not sure if I should dive in, but we'll see. A friend is really pushing me to learn it, but I'm wary, as it's an incredibly useless language for me, despite my love of it. Same for Faroese really, Turkish on the other hand would be wildly useful, and it would be a fabulous match to Hebrew. I'm being pushed pretty hard to Turkish myself, but right now I don't have any time to scratch my ass, let alone start another language. I'll be thinking more about it at a later date really. :P

See ya later alligator! <3

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