Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's Thanksgiving! Best time to be starting up a blog, eh?

My name is Tyler or ILuvEire, and I love languages! It really started with me in fifth grade, when my great-grandpa bought my French for Dummies, and just progressed from there! Besides langauges themselves, I LOVE linguistics, as in the study of how languages work, and psycholinguistics, which would be studying the link between languages and the mind. Amazing stuff.

So, onto what to be expecting from this here bloggy-poo. I just want a place to blab about languages and linguistics, as well as share little snippets of language related news I see. Anything related to languages, you'll be seeing here. I'd like to do a few book reviews too, but we'll see.

I tried doing a language blog once, but it sorta died, and wordpress is making me crazy. The link is at

Be on the lookout for some more posts this weekend, until then, shalom :)

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